A Partnership in Life-Long Learning

Leadership development is a process which spans the career horizon of professionals in business. The accumulation of knowledge through education, training, experience and leadership opportunities creates a more well-rounded and effective leader over time. The underlying reason is that life-long learning is not only possible but imperative for professionals to continue to progress in their careers.

Business of necessity operates in a world of change. So, whether a professional is simply keeping up to date on the impacts of change (new ideas and developments, rules and regulatory changes, embracing faster –better-cheaper ways to perform tasks), or expanding their personal career horizons towards higher level executive positions, advanced education is a cornerstone for such progress.

University business schools provide an excellent foundation for performance in business. In addition, advanced learning is available through advanced degree programs, advanced management/executive education programs and through custom programs for individual companies.

In the McCracken Institute, membership requires an undergraduate degree for admission. In addition, a high priority and levels of distinction are granted to members in the Institute that achieve advanced degrees. Also, university-based executive programs receive more Guidance System Credit than do other non-university based CPE programs. Special weight may also be achieved for participation in programs which integrate real-world examples. In this manner, the Institute is tightly aligned with the advance education process in the Institute.



University Advisors to the Institute

The Institute’s Advisory Board includes various academic leaders who have a passion and proven history of supporting advance education in partnership with the business community. One of the Institute’s Founders, Mike McCracken, has partnered with many universities over the years to develop and offer advanced financial leadership training to the business community. In addition, he serves on the AACSB’s Business Practices Council and is a frequent presenter at AACSB conferences.

This knowledge and experience has allowed the Institute to more completely understand the benefits of academic institutions working and partnering with the business community in many ways. As a result, the members of the Institute are the beneficiaries of engaging in ongoing partnerships with universities as a key part of their leadership development.


How Can Universities Engage with the Institute

Members in the Institute are encouraged to align themselves with a chapter of the McCracken Institute which is associated with a university. This helps members identify with a highly supportive atmosphere of advanced education and offers alignment and relationship with other aspiring professional that are part of the same group. Universities can begin by forming chapters of the Institute and then encouraging graduates or those that will soon graduate to become part of the chapter. Not only do universities benefit from expanding their brand to evidence supporting life-long learning of finance professionals, but this association creates an ongoing educational relationship which expands beyond the relational association of traditional alumni groups.

Members of Institute chapters are routinely informed of upcoming programs which will provide them with higher level achievements in finance and help them earn their targeted certificates of completion or other recognition of success.
University professors and leadership are also invited to be part of the Institute’s Advisory Board. In select circumstances, universities are invited to be part of the Presenting Sponsorship group for advanced learning programs offered jointly by the McCracken Alliance and local universities. Other programs where the university can be positioned to provide greater support of the finance community are also available to explore.

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