Professionals interested in applying for admission into the Institute will first complete the application form available on this page. Upon receipt, you will receive an email with a link for your payment of the application fee. Once payment is made the application will be processed.

Upon review by the Institute’s Review Board, you will receive a notice of acceptance or rejection based upon the membership criteria set forth for membership in the Institute. If accepted, in your letter notice, you will receive your degree level ranking in the Institute including any designations that may apply and will be requested to pay the appropriate registration fee based upon your degree level rank in the Institute.


Once payment is received, your name will be added to the MI Registry, and you will be sent your Member User Name and temporary password that will allow you to enter the Member Only section of the website. Here you will find much more detail of the Guidance System as it applies for companies of various sizes and complexity, plus you will have access to the details underlying the 10 Pillars of Finance to help guide you in developing your career development plan.



You will be provided with:

  • MI Individual Leadership Development Plan
  • You should develop your own plan referencing key aspects of the MI Guidance System as they relate to your personal circumstances and aspirations
  • Access to the Member Resource Center
  • Once registered, you will be sent instructions on taking the online MI Talent and Behavioral Assessments


Following your onboarding in the Institute, you will begin reporting performance accomplishments and be on your way to earning your first of many certificates of completion.

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