Enrollment in McCracken Institute is limited to professionals who have earned a college degree from an accredited college or university and are pursuing a career in accounting, finance or other disciplines with primary oversight of the office of the CFO.




Professionals admitted to the Institute shall receive the following designations:




Members are assigned an Institute Rank based on their career experience. Members can only progress after they execute on their role in the field. The institute will not allow a member to progress in institute rank based off what is reported to the institute alone. Instead, members receive guidance and recognition as they advance through certificate levels and receive distinctions to evidence their advancement.




Membership Designations

• Member - Someone qualified for membership and in good standing
with the requirements of membership: Alpha/Beta/Gamma Level Members
• Executive Member – Delta and Higher Level Members
• Advisory Board Member - C-Level Executives or Professors
• Strategic Partner – Member of organization who sponsors the overall effort of the Institute
• Associate Member – Student enrolled in an accredited college or university and beginning to utilize the MI Guidance System


Members of Distinction

• Member of Distinction - Member holding a recognized Certification in finance field or member who has been a CFO
• Member of High Distinction – Member holding advanced degree or member who has been CFO of company with $300 million or more in revenues or $1.0 billion in assets
• Member of Highest Distinction – Member holding PHD or members who have been CFO of company with $1 billion or more in revenues or $5 billion in assets

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