Programs and Other Support for Advancing Finance Professionals

The Institute encourages the involvement of various education and program sponsors who support the evolution of finance professionals and that provide career support. In addition, the Institute sponsors certain programs that support this same effort. Some of those programs are referenced below:


Leading The Office of The CFO™ is a unique program which provides executive level finance professionals a foundation for building and broadening their knowledge of the operations of the Office of the CFO from the perspective of other highly experienced CFOs. The Program utilizes the talents of proven financial leaders from leading companies as the catalyst for learning, gaining confidence in the role of the CFO, understanding the foundations of being a successful leader and financial leadership’s role in creating strategic agility in business.

Leadership Finance® is a program which provides executive level finance professionals a foundation for building and broadening their knowledge of finance from an execution perspective by developing relationships and first-hand knowledge of the broader finance community and how to utilize this knowledge as a catalyst for learning, gaining confidence in negotiations and achieving an important level of influence in their business dealings. Programs are currently available in Georgia, Florida and New York in association with leading service providers and universities.

The FLY Awards™ were created to recognize both finance teams and finance individuals for notable performance demonstrated in financial leadership. The awards are given annually to recognize finance leaders in industry who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of and superior performance in their assigned finance leadership area. This is evidenced through a nomination and evaluation process to identify nominees who have masterfully executed the routine and unique requirements of their assigned functional areas.

Other Support

Affiliated Networks. The goal underlying the establishment of Financial Leadership Networks is to aid universities in carrying out their vision of becoming the leader in financial education and professional development while supporting finance executives through peer relationships and thought leadership. The mission to accomplish this vision is supported by building a two-way bridge between academia and industry that fosters strong relationships with leading businesses and other organizations. The FLN provides an ongoing forum for ideas, suggested direction and support the local college partner. Techniques may vary, but the FLN supports all areas where the university finds it desirable and beneficial to tap into the creative thinking and support of key industry executives such as for advisory boards, mentoring of students, guest lecturing, programmatic insights, student recruitment, career planning internships, relationship networking and altruistic support.

Coaching. Although the MI Guidance System can be used independently by the aspiring finance professional, many finance professionals have found that having a leadership development coach can help provide independent insights into one’s career plans and potential alterations to those plans, help individuals dig deeper into their strengths and struggles and to hold them more accountable to the targeted progress they would like to enjoy. The Institute has various professional coaches with whom we are pleased to provide introductions.

Mentoring. An additional independent perspective on career pursuit can be obtained from a mentor who is highly knowledgeable of the areas one may desire to achieve one day. The Institute is pleased to work with members on identifying a mentor.

Benchmarking. Measuring oneself against others who have achieved success in a given field of finance can provide valuable insights into how a professional should design or adjust their career plan and to be more assured of appropriate positioning for future roles. The Institute is in the process of building benchmarks for all primary finance roles which we hope to have available soon.

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